Madison Half Marathon

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

I had so much fun, I’m signing up for next year’s race on Black Friday!

I was little worried about this race after my disastrous 10K the week before. My quad was mad at me all week and I was taking all measures to get it up to running 13 miles. Ice, Advil and KT tape were my friends leading up to this race.

The start was a bit cold. Eric and I stopped at Walmart the night before to buy some cheap sweatshirts to wear while waiting around to start. I actually kept mine on until I warmed up during the first mile. The race starts by running around blocks by the state capitol. It was mostly downhill and my leg held up pretty well. I don’t remember much about the first 3 miles. I was running with the 2:45 pacer for a while but couldn’t keep up with her. Every time I took a walk break she got further and further away. There was a speed walker who said he was using me as his pacer. I think that is hilarious, I would love to be a pacer but I’m not consistent enough yet. :(

However, this was probably my most consistent race yet. My first mile was kind of fast and mile 9, with the nasty hill, and mile 11, when I walked with Melissa, were slow, but the rest were very close. So 10 miles out of 13 is pretty good.

I saw Mom, Dylan and Melissa at just after mile 6. Dylan and Mom got cold so they ditched Melissa at Mile 11. She had other friends running the race too so she got there in time to see us all. That is part of the reason Mile 11 was slow. I was walking and talking with Melissa for quite a while.

During Mile 8 I ran into a fellow Run the Year person (Facebook group). We ran together some and chatted. She ran ahead of me, I’d run ahead of her. It was like this all the way to the finish. When we got close to the finish, we run in together. She is the other woman in the picture below.

Overall this was a fun course. It was hilly but the up hills had good downhills after them. I’ve learned that hilly courses are best for me. Who would have thought that?

My time of 3:05:10 was faster than I expected! This was my 6th best half marathon out of the 15 that I have ran. Yay! Back-to-back good half marathons!!

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