February 2016 Recap

Monday, February 29, 2016

Runs: 14
Walks: 15
Miles: 51.23
Races: 1 (Valentine’s Day 5K)
Outdoors: 20
Indoors: 9
Longest: 5.5 miles
Average Running Pace: 12:46
Bike: 14 miles
Swim: 2.7 miles

Motivation was a problem in February. I even wrote about it in my “Running Blues” blog post on February 6th. The weather for the most part was great. The only really cold day was the day of the Valentine’s Day 5K…of course! I had some really good runs and then I had some really crappy runs. Hopefully March will bring more good runs. I have some long distance races coming up including a 14K in March and 15K in April. So a 5.5 mile run isn’t going to cut it for training the longer races.

I had a good month of swimming. I’m training for a triathlon in May so I try to hit the pool on Wednesday and Fridays and occasionally Saturday. I didn’t do so hot on the bike. I have a hard time on the trainer. It is like running on a treadmill, I hate treadmill. The bike trainer is the same sort of deal. Yes I can watch TV while riding but I’d rather be outside and actually moving. Oh well, I got to get used to it.

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