Hot! Hot! Hot! Concerts

Sunday, July 24, 2011

July is always a busy concert month but this has been especially true this year. We have been having 2 concerts a week! Thankfully we missed the really HOT weather this past week. But last Saturday's concert at the Hopkins Raspberry festival was hot. We were in the shade so it wasn't too bad. Eric had a soccer game Sunday night and he came home soaked in sweat. GROSS!! Sunday-Wednesday of this past week was hot! Hot! HOT! The temperatures hovered around 95-100 and the heat index was at one point 120!! Crazy! It was cooler in Pahrump, NV. We had some awesome thunderstorm on Tuesday. I love when it storms while I'm at work. Lightening is so much cooler when you are 14 stories up. That was the day of the 120 degree heat index. After the storm the sun came out. We went to Valleyfair and it was DEAD! We got right on all the rides we wanted and the waterpark was even slow. It was so nice to just jump in the water and cool off. Unfortunately, the Wave pool was closed because "some kid pooped in it." That is gross! Other than Tuesday night we pretty much stayed cooped up in our house.
Thursday we had a concert at Chanhassen (see picture). It was a nice night, a little warm, but nothing like what we had the previous days. We have a concert tonight at Centennial Lakes. It is currently 80 degrees at noon so I think it will be a nice day for a concert. Then only one concert left after that.
5 days until Eric's birthday!!!

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