Plymouth Rock, Hildene, Bennington Monument and New York State House

Saturday, September 7, 2019

On our way to Vermont we stopped in Plymouth to so the rock (not that exciting) and the stuff around town. There really isn’t much to see. The Mayflower II boat is currently being renovated so there isn’t much to look at. We walked around the couple statutes and the gravesite of the Mayflower people. That was about it. The rest of the day we meandered through backroads to get to Manchester, Vermont for our next half, Maple Leaf Half Marathon.


The next day, after the race, we went to Hildene. Hildene is the former summer home of Robert Todd Lincoln, President Lincoln’s son. The gardens are pretty and the views are amazing. The history of the house is interesting. They also had a Pullman car since Robert was President of the Pullman Palace Car Company for a while. I learned how awful the Pullman Palace Car Company was…yikes!

After that we decided it wasn’t that far to Albany, NY and State House #4 of the trip. On the way there we saw this large monument in the distance when we got to Bennington, VT. I googled it and found it was the Bennington Battle Monument (Revolutionary War battle). I’m so glad we stumbled upon it. For $5 we got to ride the elevator to the top to see the amazing views. The elevator operator was very informative. Also, his daughter and son-in-law went to school in North Dakota and have a dog named Itasca and a cat named Bemidji because they love their time in school. They live in upstate New York now. He told us his goal is to get to Itasca State Park and walk across the Mississippi river.

From there we headed to Albany, NY. The New York State House is incredible. It doesn’t look anything like the other State capitol/houses we have visited. We couldn’t get inside because it was the weekend, but the outside was very cool. We walked around a bit, but it was not somewhere I’d want to hang out at night. 

On our way back to the hotel in Vermont I wanted a good meal. Unfortunately, all the restaurants in Albany are on the northwest side of time, way out of our way.  We drove back to Manchester and ate at the Italian restaurant. I didn’t get steak. :(

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