Hatfield & McCoy Half Marathon

Monday, June 10, 2019

I survived! I'm not sure how...but I did! I didn't prepare very well for this race. I did a few hill work outs before this race including a difficult hike up Bear Butte. But I should have been training them way before 3 weeks before. Oh well, I learned my lesson.

The weather was about as good as we could expect for June in Kentucky. It was rained the first hour which was good for cooling me off. This race has a history of being very hot so the rain was a welcome relief. The only bad thing is my shoes and socks were soaked which caused foot pain. Thankfully no blisters but it sure felt like I was getting them.

The first 4 miles were not as scary as I thought and I actually did better than I had imagined. I ran up hills!  That is not something I do often...I hate hills. The big hill was worse than I had imagined but I still walked it faster than I thought I would.  Yay!  Once at the top I ran down the hill nonstop. It was amazing. Sadly my feet really started to hurt with the wet socks.

The rest of the race seemed flat (it wasn't) and I walked a lot of it because my feet hurt. Overall it was one of my worse halves but I don' care.

Half #28....State #21 done!


Juanita's Graduation

Harney Peak and Bear Butte Hiking

Monday, May 27, 2019

This past weekend we traveled to Rapid City for Juanita's graduation. While we were out there I decided that I need to do some more hiking. The first hike was at Black Elk Point (aka Harney Peak). Last year we did this hike in very hot, sunny weather. We took a wrong turn and ended up doing 9 miles. This year was completely different! I was so glad that I had waterproof shoes. My feet stayed mostly dry for the entire hiking until I stepped into a puddle that was deeper than my shoe. Crap!  It was cold! After the hike, we went to Cabela's to shop for legitimate hiking boots. I'm so glad I did!

The second day I wanted to do Bear Butte. Eric always talks about Bear Butte so I made him take me there. It was a very steep scary hike but I survived. I'm so happy I bought hiking boots. My ankles would not have survived that hike with my other hiking shoes.

Allista & Bailey's Wedding

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

We traveled to Missoula, Montana over the weekend to attend Allista and Bailey's wedding. I was honored to be her flower girl. She was our flower girl 16 years ago!  It was a very nice, simple wedding and reception. 

Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon Race Report

Sunday, May 5, 2019

We ran the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon this morning. The weather was perfect and I was hoping for a great run. Unfortunately I wasn't ready for the VERY HILLY course. I should have known since I've ran the first half a couple years ago. Eric ran the second half and said it wasn't bad. He was a liar! I hope I never run this course again. LOL! Normally I'm ok with Hilly courses but the ups were a little too long that I couldn't make up for time lost on the downhills. I need to train hills more often now. UGH!
At the Start!
I started out a little too fast but the first big hill at the end of mile 1 took care of my great start. It really didn't get any better from there. Mile 2 and 3 were about what I expected time wise. Mile 4 was awful the only highlight is giving a high five to a fell Back of the Pack friends on Facebook. 

I saw her post to our group on Facebook later and she said I was looking strong as hell. LOL! I wasn't but thanks! Miles 5 and 6 were right at what I said they would be. But I was struggling. I do great training on the treadmill but I get in a race situation and I run faster than I should and it hurts me later. ARGH!

Miles 7-10 were pretty crappy but the scenery was amazing!  We ran right along the shore of Lake Minnetonka and amazing big beautiful house. So jealous!

Mile 10-ish
DJ surprised me just before the end of mile 10. I was looking pretty crappy and tired by this point. It was a very lonely race. Not many people were running around me and the spectators were few and far, very far between. This is my best race photo ever!  LOL!

Mile 11 wasn't great. I saw DJ again somewhere along the way. This part of the course is on a busy road that they don't close. We are running on the narrow shoulder with dead raccoons, turtles and frogs. Not great! The views of the lake are kind of non-existent here. Finally, about quarter of mile before mile 12 we hit the gravel trail. I was so relieved to get off the busy road and on to the trail that I didn't care it was gravel.  Some random woman in jeans came running towards me on this part of the course. She stopped when she reached me and said she was going to "help me". She thought it was my first half. She was a little disappointed when i told her this was #27. But she was "proud" of my accomplishments. Thanks hon!
I finished!

Mile 13 was great. I'm not sure where the burst of energy came from but I was having a great mile. I had optimist goal of 3 hours. My realistic goal was 3:10. Since mile 6, I thought my realistic goal wasn't attainable so I got down on myself. But half way through mile 13 I realized that if I could keep it up I will beat it. I was shocked. We finally got on the streets of Excelsior with less than half a mile to go. Thankfully there were almost only downhills from that point. I ran across the finish and beat the 3:10 time...3:09:17. Woo hoo!

DJ managed to get a fairly good picture of me. Yay!  I think I'm looking at the announcer dude but not really sure. I was so happy to be done! I found my other friend, she ran the relay. 

I got my finisher photo with Eric.

After grabbing a few bananas we walked to car and stopped at the ice cream shop on the way. I had raspberry chocolate chip waffle cone. It was so delicious. If you know me, I don't really like ice cream but this hit the spot. Yum!

Unfortunately my medal detached from my ribbon. :(
my medal broke :(

Overall I feel pretty good!

I hate HILLS!

Hot Chocolate 15K & UW Band Concert

Thursday, April 18, 2019

We started Saturday morning in Minneapolis running the Hot Chocolate 15K. This is the 5th year we have ran this race. Year 1...perfect weather. Year 2...blazing hot. Year 3....RAIN. Year 4... BLIZZARD! This year....COLD. We have literally seen it all with this race.

I was faster than the last time I ran this course but slower than year 1 and 2. Considering I'm dealing with knee pain, I was happy with my results.


After the race we jumped into the car and headed south to Madison. We got there at 4pm. We quickly took showers and meet the family for dinner at Olive Garden. My friend, Jenny and her daughter joined us. It was good to see them again.

The purpose of this whirlwind weekend was the UW Badger Varsity Band Concert. I have watched this concert every year when I was a kid. I've been a band geek for a long time. This year was extra special because it was the last year of Mike Leckrone. He is the famous band director who has been at the helm for 50 years!  It was great!


Tuesday, April 9, 2019

We spent the last weekend of March in Philadelphia to run the Love Run Half Marathon. We got into town very early on Saturday morning. We checked into the hotel and made our way down to the Convention Center. After wandering around for a while we eventually found the expo. Man that place is confusing!

After some burgers, we walked down to the Liberty Bell and stood in a very long line to see a broken bell.

We walked back to the hotel, bought a pizza and sat in the LOVE plaza. It was so nice outside. It was a beautiful day.

The race very wet and mostly flat. I did well in the beginning. I met a couple new friends and got them to finish line. Again, not my best race but I had lots of fun.

 After a mile walk in the pouring rain to the hotel we took a shower and a nap. We ventured out to a tall building to take in the view.

Hot Dash 5K

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Another race is in the book for 2019 and finally I was able to run a decent race! The January one was extremely cold and icy and the February one I had strep, cold and pink eye.

I wasn't sure how it was going to go today. I have increased my mileage this month but it has been a lot of long, slow runs. I have done some speed work but speed work for a half is slower than 5K speed work.

My goal was to finish under 40 minutes. That is roughly a 12:30 pace. I know this course as I have ran it numerous times with various races. Miles 1 and 2 were consistent at 12:18 and 12:21.

Mile 3 sucked but there are some hills on that mile and I was just done with the race. When the finish came into the view, I sprinted down the final hill and finished at 39:34. Yay!  I made my goal!  I'm happy with it!

Stairs 2, Kim 0

Friday, March 22, 2019

Let me start this story last Friday. I took the day off of work to run 12 miles. I know I'm weird. It was still a little chilly and icy so I ran on the treadmill at the community center. It went great. All my miles were consistent and I felt amazing afterwards. Other than some minor chafing on my arms (I didn't use Body Guide on my arms, doh!) I had no pain!

Fast forward to Wednesday. I had to go up to the 22nd floor. From my floor to the 22nd floor requires two elevator rides. On the way down I thought instead of taking the elevators, I'll walk down the stairs. It is only 8 flights (granted one flight in my building is 22 steps so in reality it was more like 16 normal flights). Anyways, by the time I got down to the 14th floor my legs were wobbly. The next day my quads were very tight and mad at me. I went sat in the hot tub and tried to massage them but it didn't help. I felt worse today. I think it is crazy is that I can run 12 miles and feel great but 8 flights of stairs and I'm sore and limping.  I know, I know, different muscle groups...

Stairs 1, Kim 0

Last night I was walking down the stairs at home and slipped off a step and went down on my ass and slide down the stairs. Seriously? I'm not badly injured other than my butt is sore.

Stairs 2, Kim 0

Stairs may have won this week but next week will be different!

1 mile & 10 miles

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Early this week I was going to run on the treadmill. Of course, when I got to the community center all of the treadmills were being used. Up to the damn indoor track. I go...I know I should be grateful I have somewhere warm and dry to run. However, 14 laps for one mile gets so boring. Ugh. I walked the first lap to warm up.  I was contemplating how I was going to do this run. Usually I run 2 or 3 laps and then walk a lap. Ever since I switch to Jeff Galloway’s method of running, I haven’t run longer than a half mile straight. So I decided on 3 laps run, 1 lap walk. I started to run and it felt great so I kept going. I did 3 laps and said I’m going to run one more, and then another and another. When I got to 6 or 7, I thought I’m going to run 14 straight! It was tough. I slowed down my pace but kept plugging away and before I knew it, I ran a mile non-stop in 12:30. I honestly don’t remember the last time I did that! The next mile I went back to Galloway method.

Today I set out to run 10 miles. Thankfully I got a treadmill. I ran a little slower to makes sure I can get to 10. I watched 2 episodes of Brothers and Sisters. I switched to Animal House movie because I was missing an episode of B&S. Not much to say about the run. I was pretty much shot by the start of mile 10 so I worked on my speed walking. Overall it was a good run. I checked and the last time I ran at least 10 miles (that was not in a race) was May 11th. I’m very happy with this!

I have ran more in the first 9 days of March than I did all of February. February was a bad month!

8 miles again!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

I woke up this morning, looked at my training schedule and saw 8 miles and thought crap!! I haven't ran 8 miles since the half marathon on December 1st and quite honestly, I was walking already by the time I got to mile 8 because the race sucked so bad. So actually this is really the first time since November 11. That was 111 days ago! 

Since we got another 6 inches of snow yesterday, (After the 40 inches we got in February, the 4th snowiest months since 1800s). I decided if I tried to do it outside I would definitely quit before I got to 8. So I went to the community center to run on the treadmill. I was so disappointed that all the treadmills were taken. I wandered around for a bit and finally somebody got off one. I was so relieved. There is no way I could have done 112 laps upstairs on the track!

Every winter season I pick a series to watch on my iPad while doing these long runs. A few years ago it was Mad Men...I LOVED that series and was sad it was done. After that was the entire Downton Abbey series, again. And now I'm watching Brothers & Sisters. It really makes the time fly by. As I'm slower than molasses, I got through 2 episodes today. There wasn't enough time for 3...that will be next week when I need to get 10 miles in. LOL!

Clay class and running

Saturday, February 23, 2019

I feel 100% better and finally had a good run this morning. We have a half marathon in Philadelphia in 35 days and my training has been nonexistent. I managed to wake up early and snag my favorite treadmill at the Community Center and run 6 miles. It was a slow six but I still got there. I'm a little more confident I won't be walking the entire half. Lol!

After the run and shower, we met the Stayers at Pizza Luce for lunch. Celeste, Evelyn and I had a clay class afterwards. We made lanterns. I really like mine. I had bigger aspirations but we didn't have enough time for what I wanted to do. Go figure. I wasn't happy I couldn't get the top level so I made a cover to go on top, problem solved. I can't wait to get it after it has been fired and glazed.

I can finally breathe…

Friday, February 22, 2019

Well I haven’t had time to write in almost two months. It has been a very busy couple of months at work but today I can finally breathe. We filed our Annual Statements today. The first big hurdle of the year is complete. No more working weekends and nights. Even though we are full staff again, I was busier this year end. It was awful. I can take my life back. And maybe start running religiously again.

I have managed to keep my race streak alive. We ran the Flurry Scurry 5K and the Valentines Day 5K. Both were bitterly cold and my times sucked. Valentine’s day was very bad, I woke up with a chest cold, and sore throat. If it would have been any other month, I would have skipped the race and picked up another one later in the month. But this is Minnesota and there are not very many options. I put on a ton of layers and Eric and I briskly walked it. I was so miserable!

Here is Flurry Scurry 5K picture:

Here is the Valentine’s Day 5K picture:

The Tuesday before the race, I had a really bad sore throat. I had all the classic symptoms of strep throat. After the 3 hour commute home because of the snow storm that moved in, I went to urgent care. Of course the rapid test came back negative so no drugs for me. My fever was still 102 the next morning so I worked from home. I suffered with the sore throat for the rest of the week.

After the race, we spent the weekend with my mom in Wisconsin. We went to the KC Gala. It was the usual meal with the usual people. My chest cold and sore throat affected my voice. I couldn’t talk! It was awful. This is two years in a row I went to this Gala and was sick. I had a rough night with all the coughing and the development of pink eye. Yep! 

Eric and I left right away Sunday morning. It was snowing very hard and the interstate was a disaster. We saw a couple chain reaction accidents involving many cars and semis. There we quite a few cars in the ditch too. It was a bad drive home. We went straight to urgent care. The confirmed I had pink eye and the doctor didn’t like how my tonsils looked. Guess what??? I have strep. Seriously?! I got an antibiotic for that and drops for my pink eye. I actually stayed home from work on Monday too. I tried to work but couldn’t do it. We are now 18 days later and I finally feel ok. I’m still hacking up stuff but otherwise I feel ok.