Freedom Trail

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

On Wednesday, we followed the red bricks…aka the Freedom Trail through Boston. 

We started in the Public Gardens and the Boston Common (Oldest public park in the United States).

From there we went to the Massachusetts State House (State capitol/house #3 of the trip). It was built in the late 1790s. The inside was very cool with grand stair cases and a room filled with flags.

We walked past the Park Street church and headed to the burial grounds where Paul Revere is buried along with other famous Bostonians. The headstones in this cemetery reminded me of how we cartoon headstones look. I found that amusing.  The next stop at King’s Chapel also included burial grounds but I can’t remember anybody famous there.

The next stop was Old City Hall and Ben Franklin Statue. They also had a donkey statue and of course Eric had take an inappropriate pictures. Haha.

The next important places were the Old South Meeting House (where they meet before the Boston Tea Party incident) and Old Corner bookstore (which is a Chipotle now). I’m not sure why Old Corner bookstore was important but its great advertising for Chipotle.

Although I love Chipotle, we opted for Cosi instead. Minneapolis used to have Cosi…I loved it. They all left the area and my stomach was never the same. I was so happy to have my delicious Chicken Pesto Melt. YUM!

We stumbled upon Ben Franklin’s birthplace. Surprisingly, this was not on the map or an actual stop on the Freedom Trail.

The Old State House was next on the tour. I don’t know much about it and we didn’t go in because they were charging $10. I’m just not into Old State Capitol/Houses. Hehe. Nearby was the site of the Boston Massacre.  You want to take about “Fake News,” Paul Revere was the first. On March 5, 1770, Bostonians and the British soldiers got into a little scuffle and the soldiers killed 5 people.  The next day in Paul Revere’s paper it was called a “bloody massacre” and the name stuck. John Adams defended the British Soldiers and most got off and I think two had their thumbs branded…weird sentence.

As usual with me something is always surrounded by scaffolding and this time it was Faneuil Hall. It is market place now. This was also another popular meeting place for the pissed off colonist.

From there we sent to Paul Revere house. We didn’t go in because again they were charging money and I wasn’t that interested. Here is a picture of the house. It was built late 1600s and Paul wasn’t the original owners (Obviously).

Our last stop was at Old North Church. You know the “One if by land, two if by sea” church. This is not the last on the Freedom Trail…by the time we got here we were hot, sweaty, tired and thirsty. We stopped at the 7-Eleven and got a pop and headed back to the hotel to relax. 

After cooling off we drove up to Salem for some of the witch history. It was only 14 miles from our hotel but took us an hour. Traffic there is awful!  We watched the presentation at the Salem Witch Museum where I learned some silly girls (preachers daughter) made up stuff about people and those people suffered and died because of it. Not cool!

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